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High Net Worth Individuals and Family Offices

Morneau Shepell Asset & Risk Management Ltd. works closely with high net worth individuals and family offices.  Clients value our ability to marry objective, strategic advice with our detailed research to optimize the implementation of their strategy.  Your dedicated investment counselor will work with you, or your professional advisors, to clearly understand your investment objectives, including specific cash flow needs, as well your desired time horizon. 

Once we have determined your unique objectives and appropriate risk levels, we will tailor a customized asset allocation strategy.  We offer a discretionary service where we invest and manage the assets on your behalf.  The optimal portfolio may utilize our proprietary outcome-oriented funds, or it may involve investing with our high conviction managers, on whom we have performed exhaustive due diligence and believe to be the “best-in-class” in a particular asset class.  Ultimately, our fundamental guiding principle is to deliver on our commitment to ensure you achieve your investment objectives.

One of our strengths is our flexible reporting systems. In addition to regular meetings with your investment counselor, you will be kept informed of the progress of your investments through reports customized to your preferences.


Contact Us

Please contact Benoit Labrosse at 514-673-7652 or to arrange an introductory discussion to determine how we can meet your investment needs.