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Our outcome-oriented funds combine and optimize a diverse number of asset classes along clear themes - absolute growth, opportunistic situations and stable value.

Global Return Fund

Our Global Return fund is a combination of complementary global equity managers, diversified across regions, styles and capitalization.  The portfolio is specifically designed to ensure each manager is additive to the funds expected risk/return profile to avoid over diversification.

Stable Value Fund

Our Stable Value Fund is a combination of funds that invest in high-quality non-traditional credit and debt securities that is an appropriate solution for the capital preservation component of the fund; it is designed to minimize interest rate sensitivity.

Opportunistic Fund

Our Opportunistic fund is comprised of non-traditional alternatives such as agriculture, opportunistic credit and secondary private equity.  It targets a higher return than the Global Return Fund and is complimentary to it.

Liability Driven Investment (LDI)

Our Liability Driven Investment (LDI) product is a customized, low-cost solution liability-matching strategy that matches your liability structure through a combination of government and high-quality corporate fixed income securities.ReturnSeekingLiability HedgingInvestment ObjectivesContribution to Risk BudgetLowHighLDIStable ValueCurrency HedgeGlobal ReturnOpportunistic FundYieldReal assets, private equity, futures, etc.Diversified global equityHedge vs. unhedged, etc.Predictable incomeCapital preservationLiability matching

E&F Funds

Endowments and foundations face a unique investment proposition. There is no appetite for losing capital while at the same time there is a need to sustain a consistent, targeted return to support regular withdrawals. Drawing on our actuarial background and proprietary tools, we are uniquely positioned to model the E&F dilemma, taking into account projected spending, contributions and capital market assumptions to produce a customized and optimal asset mix.  From this, we develop an investment strategy and select best in class money managers and investment products to  implement the strategy.

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To learn more about customized investment strategies for pension funds, high net worth individuals, endowments and more, contact Benoit Labrosse at blabrosse@morneaushepell.com

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