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Our approach is to first, listen and understand our client’s preferences and then apply our resources and intellect to produce a customized investment portfolio. The investment process begins with developing a tailored Asset Allocation Strategy, the implementation of the asset allocation is framed by our thorough understanding of your Investment Beliefs and the success of the program is ultimately monitored through proactive Investment Monitoring.

We begin the asset allocation process by filling our toolbox with a breadth of investment ideas. We are not limited to a few asset classes or investment styles to achieve your goals;  all products are considered whether it be high yield bonds, preferred shares, high dividend stocks, infrastructure, real estate, agriculture, active managers or passive funds. Diversification of sources of return improves the risk/return profile. We believe the cumulative effect of downside protection, broad diversification, and a focus on outcomes rather than asset classes will lead to outperformance.
With our breadth of services, we can accommodate anywhere in the range between 0% discretion - the traditional consulting approach, to 100% discretion also known as delegated consulting.

Asset Allocation Strategy 

Asset allocation is the key decision you will make in any investment program. Our pedigree as investment managers and consultants uniquely positions us to provide strategic recommendations for your asset allocation strategy. We firmly believe that if you can get the right investment mix in place, you will significantly increase your likelihood of success in achieving your objectives.

Investment Beliefs

We do not believe investment management is a one-size-fits-all strategy; we assist investors in developing a comprehensive investment beliefs structure, which is the foundation for implementing the asset allocation strategy.
The investment market is saturated with products. By building on the foundation of a comprehensive asset allocation strategy, coupled with clearly articulated investment beliefs, we will be able to filter the investment choices to the most optimal offerings for implementing your strategy. In many cases, our suite of outcome oriented funds are a very effectual way to implement the asset allocation strategy. Additionally, we objectively recommend third-party managers for best-in-class alternatives to round out the investment line-up as required.

Investment Monitoring 

We manage and monitor the success of your strategy from both an asset allocation and investment management perspective. We pride ourselves on our ability to communicate complex topics. In addition to traditional fund performance monitoring, we monitor the success of your customized strategy and keep you informed on the progress of your overall asset allocation strategy relative to your objectives. You also are kept abreast of any changes we perform to optimize your investment program’s structure.

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